Location Advantage:


Rubber Valley is located in centre of Qingdao city, 10 minutes drive away from Qingdao North train station,15 minutes drive away from Liuting airport,30 minutes away from Qingdao Port Container Terminal. The valley has significant location which is based on a circle of subway, Jiaozhou Bay Bridge and undersea tunnel,freeways.

      Talent Advantage:


Qingdao University of Science & Technology has good reputation as “Huangpu Mulitily Academy”. The university now has 6 national key labs and engineering technology research centers.  Every year more than 3,000 rubber related major students graduated from the university. Now there are over 80% management and technology talented people in rubber industries are from Qingdao University of Science & Technology.


Research Advantage:


Rubber Valley currently has several key research institutes such as Rubber Plastic Material and Engineering Key Lab (Ministry of Education), Eco-chemical Key Lab (Ministry of Science and Technology), National Tire Process and Control Engineering Technology Research Center (Ministry of Science and Technology), National Tire Material and Advanced Equipment Engineering Lab (National Development and Reform Commission) etc.


Police Advantage:


Rubber Valley has been listed on Qingdao and China Rubber Industry Association’s “12th Five Year Development Plan” and one of the key tasks of the association in a long time.

blue economy area development plan of Shan Dong Province

12th five year development plan 

12th five service development plan

All are contained in Qingdao government work report of 2012

Local government will give 10 years preferential policy support 


Platform Advantage:


Rubber Valley is dedicated to being the economy of the chemical and rubber industry platform leader, carrying personnel training platforms, research platforms, enterprise incubators platform, trading platform, the financial capital platform, information platform, and public service platform functionality.


Rubber Valley has built a core area of positioning the chemical and rubber industry research base. Attracting domestic and overseas companies, including Rubber industry leader : Lanxess, Sinochem International China Rubber Industry Association and its hose The tape Branch, galoshes Branch have been settled in the rubber Valley as well.


Industry Advantage:


At present, there are about 700 tire enterprises, 3,000 rubber manufacturing enterprises, over 300 rubber mechinery enterprises and over 2,000 rubber/chemical raw material enterprises as well as more than100 chemical industry and petro-chemistry engineering design and consulting enterprises and 10 non government organizations of industry associations.


Shandong is a main province in rubber manufacturing. Shandong accounts for 14.52% of China's rubber enterprises with gross output value accounting for 30.28%, sales income for 28.78% and profits and taxes for 27.21%. Several kinds of index of Shandong's Rubber Industry are at the top of China.


Qingdao is one of bases of rubber industry and has become the biggest rubber manufacturing base in China. In 2009, the output of tires and radial tires in Jiaodong Peninsula, led by Qingdao, took 52% and 22% of national total output respectively. Qingdao owns half of the top 10 tire brands and the most influential and professional university specializing in rubber R&D--Qingdao University of Science and Technology. And there are also numbers of research institutions, rubber machinery companies and professional software companies and logistics companies in Qingdao. The city has been reputed as 'China’s Rubber City' and has formed an industrial chain of tire intergrating technical education, scientific research, production and application.