Development Vision:



Use industry ecosphere development mode, to create the ground of freedom of the chemical and rubber industry supplier, a booster for the development of the industry。





Inclusive and open corporate culture characteristics, enterprise spirit of win-win cooperation with common prosperity, and multicultural atmosphere for business. This ecosphere’s development mode coherences core power to industry strength, push core power of industry transition.We are looking forward to more industry colleagues join us.


About VI:



Main logo by abstract rubber leaves overlap the rubber valley around the rubber industry as the core of the high-end industrial agglomerations; each piece of rubber leaves are closely linked to a chain, meaning Rubber Valley use the model of development of the biosphere, upstream and downstream of the industry chain enterprises to mutually another symbiotic, resource sharing, the harmonious development of the new concept; logo is in the middle of the rubber leaves surround "R" "V" is the first letter of the English rubber Valley uppercase a symbol of the freedom of development of the rubber industry, ground rubber Valley as the core; whole, the flag as a rapid rotation of the impeller, indicates that the rubber Valley will become a far-reaching significance of the development of the rubber industry boosters; standard main color full of vitality the green, green economy intended to take the rubber industry and environmental topics; English rubber Valley standard font solemn atmosphere, cohesive; whole logo is unique, significant, and easy to remember, can be replicated and scalability, and at the same time gives vibrant, lush, prosperity, wisdom, a sense of life, on behalf of the the rubber valley vibrant and long-term sustainable and healthy development.