Industrial Platform

The major twelve platforms created by Rubber Valley through the industry platform economic model cover all the elements needed in the development of the chemical rubber industry enterprises. Through the integration of industry resources, making use of the industry advantage to cultivate the core competitiveness, Rubber Valley will form the valley-type industrial aggregation platform which has highly aggregation effect on the relevance elements of talents, technology, market, resources, products, information, capital, logistics and other industries. And also, it will become an urban complex based on Qingdao and radiating to the world with excellent location advantage and traffic conditions. Therefore, an industrial ecological circle fused manufacturing with services is first emerged beside Jiaozhou Bay.

1. Scientific research innovation platform

It is to integrate advantages of universities and institutions in scientific research and the market transformation advantage of the industry enterprise, break through the systematic barriers for industry innovation, realize the sharing, free trade and effective market transformation of scientific research, technology and research resources or "customization" R&D (research and development) of the enterprise so as to set up the platform for industry technological innovation and industry upgrading.

2. Enterprise incubation platform

It is to aggregate and configure R&D, market, talents, information, capital and other elements resources, provide the total life cycle incubation service for the enterprise from seeding period (incubator), growth period (accelerator) to the maturity (amplifier), forming the incubation mode of “R&D + incubator + industry + risk investment” so as to provide support to the growing and expanding of the enterprise.

3. Platform of commodity trading

Developing along with the global market, it is to provide the provider, producer, trader and other upstream and downstream enterprises with one-stop service with efficient transaction, settlement, delivery, logistics, financing and exhibition and make the never ending industry exposition in 365 days a year by means of “electronization + marketization”, making full use of the location and logistics advantages and breaking through the traditional trade pattern.

4. Warehousing logistics platform

Using the rubber valley platform with highly third party credibility, collecting industry supply and demand information and resources and through the supply chain without gap, it is to form the supply chain model with logistics, information flow, document flow, commodity flow and capital flow so as to provide efficient and convenient supply chain solutions for industries and enterprises.

5. E-commerce platform

Relying on the rubber valley information network platform, integrating of information flow, material flow and fund flow, it is to provide B2B, B2C and B2M trading service for the industry users. In addition, it is complementary with credit rating and online financing function, which could help enterprises to realize high efficient and low cost trade sales.

6. Financial capital platform

It is to provide funding guarantee for project incubation, project operation, enterprise investment and financing with chemical rubber industry investment alliance as the backing, the indirect financing of banking system, direct financing of private equity investment channels, listed coaching and consulting and other kinds of combination. Ultimately, it is to establish the industry chain financial platform facing chemical rubber industry and promote industrial upgrading with capital lever.

7. Information network platform

Using Internet of things, cloud computing and other advanced information technologies, relying on international patent database of chemical rubber industry, industry information database and other resources, it is to provide users with intellectual property rights, commodity trade, investment and other information consulting services. In addition, with the use of Internet of things information technology, it is to build coordination office, remote management, tracking monitoring system and other platform systematic service for the enterprise and boost the industrial transformation and upgrading of informatization.

8. Exhibition expo platform

Leveraging with the resource advantage of the industry and social organizations, integrate home and abroad exhibition planning and marketing, project organization and implementation, facility operation and management, booth design and production, advertising investment and release and many other services for an organic whole, it is to organize international exposition, industry high-end summit and the forum through Chinese Rubber Museum in Rubber Valley and Rubber Valley Exhibition Center so as to promote exchange and trade of the international and domestic industry technology and products, service industry enterprise and enhance brand image and international influence.

9. Intercultural communication platform

With website, inside publish, magazines, outdoor advertising and other media as communication channel, with the purpose of promoting the international and domestic cultural exchange, dissemination and improving the industrial culture, it is to provide professional brand service, enterprise culture shape, cultural exchange as the service content for the industry users, to shape a good international image in the industry, and to improve the enterprise's brand value and reputation.

10. Education training platform

Affiliated to Qingdao University of Science and Technology, The University of Akron and other industrial universities, international well-known training institutions and tire engineering specialty college and other higher vocational colleges, it is to strive to create the “school + park” education training system featured by “the collection of higher education and application education, degree education and skills training” so as to provide targeted talents cultivation and training services the industries and enterprises.

11. Human resource platform

Integrating industry experts database, domestic and foreign institutions of higher education and scientific research institutions, it is to construct talent highland for the industries and enterprises. Meanwhile, service the enterprise’s human resources demand, build efficient and benign combination channels between the enterprise and talent and form the aggregation for professional talents.

12. Intermediary service platform

Taking advantages of the policy, combining with industry characteristics, it is to provide the one-stop services for the enterprise in the park including industry and commerce, state taxes, land tax, customs, inspection and quarantine, personnel and social security, qualitative inspection and other services as well as accounting firm, law firm, financial intermediaries, management consulting, school-entrance, hospitalization, household registration, housing, security and other supporting services.