Qingdao Incubator on-site observation tour entered Rubber Valley

    A delegation of over 30 officials in charge of Qingdao incubator construction paid a visit to Rubber Valley on November 19.

    Song Weiping, Deputy Secretary General of Qingdao Municipal Government, officials  from Administrative Committee of High-Tech Development Zone and Administrative Committee of Qingdao Blue Silicon  Valley Core Area and directors from technology sectors attended Rubber Valley Incubator's construction briefing and visited its entrepreneurship nurseries and new material public R&D platform project. Besides Rubber Valley, the delegation would inspect another 15 incubators to know the overall progress in Qingdao so as to speed up the construction process of Qingdao incubators and enhance their service ability. The on-site observation tours and working conference were held from November 19 to 20, including incubator on-site observation, case sharing and discussion on professional operating services, and working conference on incubator construction.