Rubber Valley to build Rubber Products Industry Innovation Platform

    Recently, 25 enterprises and research institutes have signed cooperation agreements with Rubber Valley to jointly build Rubber Products Industry Innovation Platform and invited the whole industry to participate.

    According to the agreements based on the principle of complementary advantages and resource sharing, the 25 enterprises and Rubber Valley will establish long-term, extensive and close cooperation to promote the sustainable and sound development of China’s rubber products industry. There are serious problems in China’s rubber products industry, including low level of resources utilization, lack of synergetic development, insufficient research and development ability and low brand awareness, which seriously compromised the global recognition of China’s rubber products industry. In recent years, in face of fluctuation of exchange rate, increase of labor cost, homogeneity competition of rubber products export and cut-throat price war, such issues as how to help domestic outstanding rubber products enterprises expand international market and obtain orders, how to realize the price power and voice of China’s rubber products
industry, how to integrate the whole industry to share resources and realize cluster development, how to change traditional marketing model to help high-quality enterprises realize leapfrog development via e commerce, etc., have become the hurdles that the whole rubber industry must face.

    In this context, Rubber Products Industry Innovation Platform has been established. Mainly targeting at the rubber products enterprises, the platform integrates superior resources of universities, research institutes, products purchasers and upstream and downstream associated enterprises to forge a high-quality industrial chain aggregation of enterprise certification, raw material procurement, research and innovation, products inspection, banking and financing and e-commerce. It aims at enhancing the overall competitiveness of China’s rubber products industry and in the future, it will become an important platform of resources exchange and commodity transaction.