Butadiene Price Fell Rapidly

In East of China butadiene price is quickly drop down by pressure of the market sell-off disk. Nowadays Butadiene price is 16,000 Yuan per ton, compared to 19,000 Yuan per ton in mid-July, it decreases 3,000 Yuan, and the range of a price drop is up to 15.79%.



The main reason for the butadiene price quickly decline is butadiene plant restart immediately after overhaul by Yangzi Petrochemical and Liaoning Huajin Tongda Chemical Co., Ltd, and the increasing supply is a certainly psychological pressure to market investors. In addition, in Qingdao bonded area, the total rubber stocks are rising. Simultaneously, market is lack of butadiene demand lead to butadiene price dropped. To forecast, recently the space of butadiene price would still fall.