There is no substantive improvement in the basic chemical industry


The CSI 300 Index this week is continue to descend, up to -3.11%; the basic chemical plate movements underperform, up to silicon (2.26%),Coating paint (-1.58%), Daily Chemicals (-2.44%), plastic products (-2.55%), chlor-alkali (-2.60%), printing and dyeing chemicals (-2.83%) to outperform, civil explosive products(-3.43%), polyurethane (-3.72%), of Agrochemicals (-4.12%), rubber products (-4.45%), the phosphorus chemical (-4.74%), soda ash (-4.86%), inorganic salts (-4.94%), the fluorine chemical (-6.34%) underperformed the broader market. Chemical sector stocks led the gains of last week to double the money stock, ST Nanhua S Jia Tong, Tianlong Group, ST are increased by 12.29%, 11.25%, 10.36%, 7.45%, 7.19%; ST dragons, Lone Star Chemical silicon treasure Technology, Bluecrop biochemical, ANOKY, increased by  -14.40% -12.56% -12.07% -11.85% -11.72%. 

This week we followed 110 kind of chemical product, 31 increased ,account for 28.1%. 9 descend, account for8.18%. TOP 5 increased is DOP(3.40%)、Acetone (3.27%), PVC vinyl Law, East China (2.99%), imports of LPG (2.94%), acrylic acid (2.73%). TOP 5 descend is Chloroform Haihua (-11.76%), hydrochloric acid (-4.35%), natural rubber on the period (-3.44%), polymeric MDI (-3.19%), Natural rubber in Malaysia SMR20 (-3.13%).
 The basic of chemical industry is still running low, industry demand does not have improvement. Suggest paying attention to some better, substantive growth stock, like Xindu chemical, Yantai Wanhua.