European: tire production profits up to 470 billion EUR



According to European media reports, last year, the European produced 4.8 million tons of tires, accounting for 24% of the global tire production.


      Amount of tire production in 2011 compared to 2010 is up 6.6%, replacement tire market sales of $ 301.7 million, up to 4.41%, compared with 2010. Total sales of passenger cars and vehicles t replace tire was 289 million in last year, up to 4.21%; commercial vehicle replacement tire sales to 12.6 million, an increase of 9.1%. 

      It is understood that the European tire industry turnover to grow to 47 billion euro, up to 8% compared with 2010. Last year there are 2.157 billion tires import to European which worth 100 billion euro. Compared with 2009 the sale increased 16.2%, increased 8.2% which compared with 2010. The export tires are 7120 ten thousand, sale increased 16.4%, compared with 2010 increased 11.5%.

      From November 2012, the EU will launch a new set of standardized tire trademark show three key tire performance characteristics to consumers: tire rolling noise and grip performance and fuel efficiency. This means that from November 1, all tires sold in Europe will be affixed with the same label, to make it easier for consumers to choose and compare the tires.