Service Guide


Rubber Valley comprehensive service hall provides six kinds of services: 
1. Productivity Promotion Center – to undertake the transactional work of science and technology of Qingdao, including to approve and initiate a science and technology project, evaluate the science and technological achievements, recognize the new and high-tech enterprises, registration service for technology contract, large scientific instruments sharing, science and technology literature providing, etc.
2. Patent service – to provide a comprehensive range of patent agency services (patent application, patent copy, patent litigation, patent rights protection, legal consulting, patent display, patent trust, etc.) and intellectual property information service (patent retrieval, patent analysis, patent prediction, translation services) and other services. Among them, relying on the information resources of the Publishing House of the intellectual property, we can provide patent information search services in nine countries and two organizations (China, Russia, Japan, South Korea, Britain, the United States, France, Germany, Switzerland, the European Patent Office, and the WIPO).
3. Examination and approval of enterprises – to link with the internet of Qingdao administrative service hall, establish the green channel, in order to deal with the establishment, alteration, cancellation of the enterprises, etc.
4. Customs inspection – to provide import and export customs inspection services for enterprises.
5. Accounting firm – to provide capital verification, audit, evaluation, declaring dutiable goods, annual inspection, bookkeeping agency services, etc. for enterprises.
6. Law firm – to provide daily legal consultation, litigation and non-litigious services for enterprises.
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