Accounting Law Service

Accounting and law Service:


㈠ Accounting counseling service: 
1. Provide basic accounting information counseling service.
(1) Daily finance and tax knowledge counseling, including telephone counseling, door-to-door counseling and online counseling.
(2) Assist enterprise to deal with daily tax matters.
(3) Guide enterprise to do finance and tax knowledge training, attend unified business training freely.
(4) Organize clients to attend tax consulting conferences.
2. Provide agency bookkeeping business.
(1) Perennial agent business: tax declaration of all categories of taxes; overall arrangement of tax; set tax accounting system and taxation institution of the enterprise; assist enterprise with the business of shareholding reform, enterprise merger and acquisition, and other businesses which the client required.
 (2) Special agent business: industrial and commercial registration and taxation registration of the enterprise, alteration and cancellation procedures; tax reduction and tax exemption, agent administrative reconsideration, coordinate the relation with the tax authority; report and audit the enterprise income tax, agent the approval procedures; verify the business property loss, agent the application and approval procedures, as well as other businesses which the client required.
 ㈡ Legal counseling service:
According to the requirements of the enterprise, we can provide the following services for the enterprise.
1. Answer the legal questions, provide suggestions according to law or submit legal advice/opinion.
2. Assist to formulate, draft, exam or amend the contract, articles of association and legal documents.
3.  At the request of the client, we can participate in consultation, negotiation, and carry on the legal analysis and argumentation.
4. Commissioned by the client, we can sign, service or accept legal documents.
5. At the request of client, to carry on the legal demonstration, propose the solutions, issue the bargaining correspondence, publish legal advice, or to participate in the non-litigation negotiation, coordination, mediation of the dispute which the client has faced, or will face.
6. At the request of the client, teach legal practical knowledge.
7. At the request of the client, monitor the distribution and modification of the client-related laws and regulations.
8. Act as agent to participate in the litigation, mediation or arbitration activities.
9. Help enterprise to establish and improve various rules and regulations.
10. Assist enterprise to establish legal services institutions, carry on the legal training and promotion.
 11. Deal with other legal affairs which both sides have been agreed.