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Enterprise management service

 Brand strategy counseling service
㈠ brand strategy planning:
1. Brand positioning (attribute positioning, value positioning, differentiation positioning, image positioning, competitive positioning and market subdivision positioning, etc.)
2. Refining and promotion of the core value of brand (rational value, emotional value and the symbolic value, etc.)
3. Brand architecture planning (comprehensive brand, multi-brand, endorsement brand, double brand, group brand and subsidiary brand, company brand and product brand, multiple enterprise group brand architecture.)
㈡ Brand image design:
1. Brand concept recognition system design (brand vision, brand core value, brand spirit, brand personality, brand promise and brand slogan, etc.)
2. Brand behavior recognition system design (ethics of the enterprise, declaration, behavior criterion and etiquette of the employee, etc.)
 3. Brand visual image recognition system design (brand VI base component + brand VI application part design + enterprise environment image design + packaging image design + terminal image design, etc.)
㈢ Brand management system construction:
1. Design brand image identification management mechanism.
2. Design brand public relation and maintenance management mechanism. 
3. Design brand extension management mechanism. 
4. Design brand management process. 
㈣ Brand promotion system construction:
1. Design brand integration and transmission scheme. 
2. Design brand communication strategy. 
3. Design brand propagation plan. 
4. Planning public relations activities. 
5. Planning brand propagation copy. 
6. Evaluation brand communication effect. 
 Enterprise culture counseling service
㈠ Enterprise culture system construction:
1. Enterprise cultural orientation.
2. Refining and promote enterprise culture idea system.
3. Refining and promote enterprise behavior standard system. 
4. Design and optimization enterprise logo. 
5. Construct and perfect enterprise image recognition system (VIS). 
6. Formulate enterprise culture outline. 
7. Compile and design enterprise culture manual.
8. Design VI manual.
㈡ Construct enterprise culture dissemination system:
1. Construct enterprise culture training system. 
2. Compile enterprise culture training teaching materials. 
3. Make enterprise culture training courseware.
4. Write enterprise culture promotion plan.
5. Compile enterprise culture case tales. 
6. Special training of enterprise culture series. 
7. Training enterprise internal culture trainers.
8. Plan enterprise cultural activities. 
9. Plan and optimize enterprise environment image. 
10. Design enterprise culture application and recognition system. 
11. Design enterprise culture exhibition room (gallery). 
12. Design enterprise propaganda pictures. 
13. Product enterprise feature films and promos.