Daily Service

Daily service


1. Property management service. The professional service company in Rubber Valley is dedicated to provide standardization, specialization and friendly property management services for the client. With its unique " butler service " model, to provide beautiful ecological and cultural environment, create a comfortable, convenient, warm, harmonious and stable life atmosphere for the enterprises in the valley. 
2. Ticket service. To provide ticket information and purchase service of various traffic tools for the enterprises in the valley (including cars, trains, airplanes and ferries), to ensure that the client travel convenient and fast.
3. Catering service. The rubber-theme culture restaurant in the valley provide top-grade banquet guests food for the valley enterprises, both service standards and food standard emulate to five-star hotels, dining room provide a working lunch to valley enterprise employees. Materials are united distributed from the 800 mu organic vegetables planting base in Jiaozhou, in order to ensure the safety of raw materials from the source. We also have our own vegetables measure room and testing instruments, and have vegetables detect aptitude, to provide semi-finished products of clean vegetables which have went through security inspection for enterprise employees in quitting time. In the each building of the Rubber International Trading Center has coffee shop, provide coffee, tea and other food, to form an ideal leisure place for the enterprises. The court in the building has book-shop and tea-bar, on the upstairs, each layer has automatic vending machine and self-service coffee machine, make the employees can play relaxes out of work. In addition, we also take the responsibility of the drinking water, the water will be quarantined and inspected by Qingdao disease prevention and control center for every six months, test results will be announced on the internet, to ensure drinking water achieve safety standards. 
"World Vision, International Standard, Local Advantage" create new development opportunities to realize the development of industry transformation.